As part of encouraging tourism the Mangalore City Corporation in collabaration with the World renowned “Team Mangalore” which has won a lot of prizes and also holds a Record in the Limca Book of Records and ONGC conducted a Kite Festival at Panambur Beach for 2 Days i.e on 19th and 20th of Jan 2008. Being a holidays on these days it was not a surprise or a shock that people turned out in huge numbers and it was not only from Mangalore but also from nearby cities like Udupi, Bantwal, Manjeshwar and others.

 Also like every years we had Teams participating from countries like Belgium, Indonesia, France, UK and others. And there were a lot of different varieties of kites in the sky which were an treat for the eyes of the onlookers. When just looking at them people were having fun, we need to think how much fun it would be for people who were flying the kites. And to enjoy even we bought a kite, i just tried my hand at maneuvering it, but both the times the kite came down as if to tell me “Fly me if you Can” and tease me. But it was my Lost & Found Twin Bro (as others who see us and get confused say) Srinivas aka Anup who was an expert in maneuvering it expertly and he was being helped by My Best Friend’s bro Yashas who was having fun watching us fly the kite and watching the other kites donning the air. This made me remember the old days when i was small where i and my friends used to get old newspapers, some broom sticks, a botlle of gum and prepare our kites and then fly them from the terrace of our flats.. It was fun!!!!!!

 There were a lot of different kinds of Kites in various shapes & Sizes. There was the most famous Yakshagana Kite, which was being handled by i think Team Mangalore and some in the form of birds, one in the form of a cow, ships, humpty dumpty and many more. Kites were also being sold at the venue for different rates which were being bought by people who were excited about flying kites like us. Overall it was fun for kids to jump around and have fun and for adults to become kids again. Am also looking out for the Beach festival which will be held next week on the verge of Karavali Utsav being held and will be having some competitions to be held along with it.. Which i hope will get people to come and have fun on the beach like they did yesterday….

 Sorry not able to upload the pics as i forgot to take some good snaps on the beach..

 Hoping that you all buy the kites or prepare one yourself so that you too can enjoy flying a kite from the terrace of ur houses…