Sledging or Racist Remarks in cricket. How true is it? Racist remarks in cricket are not new to anyone, however its quite often to Asian Subcontinental players, whenevr they go to Countries like England Or Australia or say any country we often hear the racist remark or two.. But what is a racist remark? Usually we hear racist remarks according to our skin tone or from the region we belong or very rarely religion. Its quite sad to see some countries who are already developed and their people who are well educated sledging or shouting out racist remarks.

Recently during the Sydney Test, Andrew Symonds accused Harbhajan of sledging or calling him a Monkey… Dude did u forget our ancestors are monkeys too, so where does it become racism as bout our ancestors were monkeys in those days and there was no continent, religion or caste at that time. SO whats the big deal in him calling you a monkey, the best thing would have been you calling him back a chimp. Anyways Harbhajan now is waiting for the result of an appeal following the Match refree banning him from 3 tests.

Racism or Sledging does not only take place in Cricket, it takes place in other sports too, and not only in sports but in our daily lives too… Even now in England, there are a majority of people who still think of people from South Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka & Bangladesh  as their slaves and do not like them working in higher posts in their country, or for matter getting into their National Teams in any sports, but we stand apart from the rest and work hard and get selected and perform so well as to show them we are better than you and given a chance we can prove it and emerge to the top.

So guys lets face it & take those remarks as a challenge and Work Hard so that we can get our Countries to the Top and show the people who think of us as slaves and useless people that we can do much better than them… Rock On guys!!!!!!!