Hi all, its been quite a long time since i have been active on my weblog or my blog… Life has taken a turn for me and has had its own ups and downs, when i finally was thinking i had it under control, everything went out of my hands and i lost it… However such things have taught me something rather than getting disappointed with it… Would like to share about a experience from one of my previous companies “Winsys Solutions” i worked for in Manipal… It was nice joining a new company and that too a pilot batch of the company.. It was all going well, But circumstances took a turn and the company started faltering and finally was locked down for a month without any information and without giving the salaries to the employees.

The M.D of the company was not accessible due to which there was a lot of misunderstanding and chaos… Finally the day came when the M.D was accessible as we had his number, when we called him he asked us to come on a particular day, but then again one day before the day we were supposed to meet his cellphone was switched off again, and just yesterday when we got the news that he was in the office me and 2 other ppl from the organisation rushed to the office to ask about our salaries, and the answer was ” You ppl said that you would place an police complaint so go ahead and place it and we will see how will you get your salary or even how will you prove that you worked for Winsys Solutions? Also you ppl jus wasted our voip minutes so why should we give you your salary? This was the answer given to us by our trainer cum H.R and our M.D, but when we asked the M.D a question that what do we think when you ask us to come on one day and u keep the cell phone switched off, what do we do and what do we think ?

Friends we are here trapped as we were not given the offer letters. I have a pay slip for one month of which i was paid salary but have not been paid for the month of october. none of us who worked for the voice process have been paid. We are a total of 6 ppl, out of which 4 of them are in constant touch and the rest two are not in touch so we are not sure whether they have been paid or not. If anyone has any suggestions on how we can move forward in this matter pls comment it would be of great help!!!!!