Every Person who has a cellphone in India knows the war going on between the mobile service operators to woo the subscribers towards them. Earlier there were a lot of war going on depending on the call rates per minute and on the local sms rate. Then came in campus packs, which were limited to a certain campus, then student packs which were limited to students and then they slowly started the wars with every month recharge vouchers for some cuts or discounts in call rates and on Free Sms per month.

However the entry of Tata Docomo bought in per second pulse and now each and every mobile operator in India is having this option. However there is a dark side to it…. The per second Pulse is only useful to people who talk for a short time that is for people who talk to people for a couple of seconds, and need not pay a whole rupee or for whom their default plan of per minute call rate in expensive. But for people who talk for a long time, the per second pulse plan is not benefitting nor is it cheaper or cost-effective. The reason behind it being is simple. let me explain it to you with an example:

I usually call up my friends and sisters and speak to them for a long time, its very rarely that i speak to anyone for a couple of seconds, now if i take my call rate per minute is 0.50 paise and if i talk to a person for 5 mins, my call rate will be Rs 2.50 , now the same example if i have a 1ps per second plan will cost me 3rs as i will end up paying 60 paise per call. So for people who talk to their friends or their customers i would recommend them not to opt for the 1ps plan.

But then again its the choice given to a individual rather than me… So guys whatever plan you opt for, i just wish that you get the Best out of it… Enjoy Talking on Any plan you are on cos finally you will calling and talking to your loved ones most of the times!!!! Adios Amigos!!!!!