India is the worlds largest democratic country, or is it so? It might seem so, however we elect and send the politicians to serve us to the upper house. And they do serve us, how? By just spending our money that we pay as taxes… A lot of the money that we pay as taxes is spent on the travel and security of these politicians. These things have been going from a long time, even the kings who ruled us also used to do the same, but now it has gone to an extent where the tax payers money is wasted as if our treasury is filled with money. There are many people in India who have not yet been payed the promised relief money and at such times our politicians spend the tax payers money like water.

Most of the money is spent on air travel, recently the President of India, Mrs. Pratibha Patil was a on a private trip to lakshadweep with her family & relatives & friends, due to which she had landed in Mangalore, Karnataka, my hometown, this visit was just for 10 minutes however the money spent for this minutes may be accounted to atleast a lakh, leave aside the pain that the passengers who were supposed to depart or arrive at mangalore airport, as the flights prior to the President’s arrival were made to depart late by two hours as per the security issues.

The reason for the flight carrying the President to land in Mangalore was that the flight was too big and could not be landed in lakshdweep as the airport there did not have such a facility. Now my question to the Presidents office is:

Did they not know that the flight that the President was taking was too big to be landed in lakshadweep, so that they could have arranged for a smaller plane from Delhi itself so that the 10 minute stop in mangalore could have been avoided, so that the unnecessary expenditure could have been stopped and that same amount be put to good use. There are many more examples like this not only by the President of India but also various politicians like the CM of Karnataka, and other various famous politicians.

Why Does the taxpayer has to pay for their luxury or unnecessary Expenditure?