I was just browsing through the channels on my TV sitting at home lazing in the afternoon on my sofa and my eyes just caught this breaking news on a popular News Channel “9-yr Old Girl Raped in Goa” and then my eyes were stuck on the Television for almost an hour until i got the full details on the news. Its not that this is the first time that somebody was being raped in Goa on the beach but it was shocking that the victim was a 9-yr old girl and that she was raped when her mother was just metres away from her and just distracted by a friend of the accused. Its been like a trend now that the rape victims are almost russians, Am sorry if this seems sarcastic, but i am just venting out my Anger.

I, myself was living in Goa for 5 years, did 3 yrs of my High School and Higher Secondary in Goa and always wanted to settle down in goa, I have been a very ardent fan of the Beaches and places in Goa. Also have gone in search of beaches which were not so well known with the tourists with my friends and i loved to do it cos it was like an adventure for us. And even now Goa is a place where i can feel as if i am Back Home and also whenever i think of taking a holiday in India, the first place that comes to my mind is “Lets Go to Goa”. Beaches like Calangute, Vagator, Palolem, Arambol, Baga, Anjuna & Colva are very well known amongst the domestic and international tourists.There is a lot to talk about the beaches of Goa, but that will be in another post.

Coming Back to the topic, is Goa really becoming a Rape Capital of India? Well the news that are coming out makes it seem so, but we also need to check on how these things are happening. Specially in this case, how come it was so easy for the accused to rape the victim, when her mother was just a few metres away ? You might say she was distracted by the other guy, but what were the others doing on the beach, wasn’t there anyone who was seeing what was happening and help that girl, i am sure the beach was crowded to the extent that there would have atleast been 50 – 100 people on the beach. Also to note the point is that the accused person is not a localite but a employee of a reputed company in Goa and a resident of UP.

Why are tourists being victimised in most of the cases ? Can it be cos they are easy targets as they do not know the places around and when somebody wants to show them around or help them, the tourists get very friendly and its easy for anyone to victimise a person who has relaxed his defences, and also most of the tourists, also indulge themselves in drugs & drinking and since they are not in their senses, that again is a easy target. However i am not just completely blaming the tourists. Even the localities are to be blamed for this. People please help the Police in controlling such cases and localities can come up with groups like Beach patrol with the help from the local Govt. and the Local Police. There can be a group of 10 to 20 people on each beach taking care that nobody is victimised in such ways. This suggestion can also solve unemployment problems as these people who guard the beaches should be paid in par with the Life Guards salary. This will also help to reduce the fear from the minds of tourists and then again the day will come “When Goa will become the Hot Spot Tourist Destination” for any traveller around the world