Its Hot and Piping this year, landing Back in India for its 3rd Season IPL is gonna be a big hit this year as per the IPL Bandwagon. Lalit Modi is happy to get his child back to India where it was born. Every year the auctions take place for teams to get in new talent to strengthen their teams.  This year again the auction took place and when the results came out every one was dumbfounded but nor surprised or shocked.

None of the IPL teams dared to bid for the Pakistani Players who were put for auction, rather no one even looked interested to bid for them and this is when the IPL snub as it is known as now started. The Blame Games started flying in between the Govt’s of two countries and between the Two Cricket Board’s of the respective countries, and it was all started by none other than the very Infamous PCB or Pakistan Cricket Board, they started blaming the Indian Government that it had influenced and pressurised the Team owners not to Bid for the Pakistani Players. But all of the Blames were wrong.

I believe that the owners were pressurised by a certain regional party in the western part of the world which claimed that it would not allow any of the Pakistani Players to play in the IPL Matches being played in Maharastra, and yes you guessed it right, the regional party is none other Bal Thackeray’s “Shiv Sena”. IPL team owners did not want to take the risk of their players security.

As far as what Pakistani players have been saying that they are the best in the game, am sorry to break this to you guys “You Are Not”, You might have won the T-20 world cup last year, but you dont have the skills to do it again, Shahid Afridi says he is the best player, in that case why dint he help Deccan Chargers win the First Version of the IPL when he was playing in the IPL, and when they did win in the Second Version, he wasnt playing….

My Point to prove is that It was not the Indian Govt that was part of all this, but it was just the thinking and the strategy of The Owners of the various Teams and also the doubtfullness of the Pakistanis Players being available for the whole term of IPL. So Mr. Shahid “Blabbermouth” Afridi, be real careful when you blame someone for what they did not do. And try and guess what is the reason behind all of this.