Shocked after seeing the Topic or wondering if i am a completely dumb person who doesn’t know what a Tiger is ? No its not me who will be saying or asking this to you, but it may be your grandchildren if we do not do something soon to save our tigers. We might say that it is too late, but no it is not too late for anything, we have woken up late but now is the right time to help the Tiger – Our National Animal. So that it rises up again to its full glory of the olden days.

The way to do it is by creating awareness among our citizens and spread it allover India in whatever way you can. The main reason for the tigers vanishing at an alarming rate is cos of poaching, hunters who hunt the tiger for its skin, teeth and bones which are sold to china and other countries for the skin and bones and teeth are powdered and used in medicines to heal wounds and other ailments in china. Poaching is becoming hard to control in India as there are or there maybe the insiders of forest reserves involved in this and helping the poachers in killing the tigers.

Its difficult to keep a tab on such people, however the Forest officers should make sure that tigers are tracked in some way and in such a way that their movement can be tracked 24 hrs a day sitting in a control room of the forest reserve. Also there are many Zoos in India which are helping to grow the tiger count by using the captive Breeding method.

I am trying to help by Joining The Roar. If you too wanna join the roar and Help in the Save our Tigers Campaign then join Save Our Tigers . There are many people who have joined this campaign, Celebrities like M.S.Dhoni , Abhishek Bachchan on Twitter, Baichung Bhutia and many other stars have also joined hands for this Campaign.