Mumbai/Bombay however it is called it will still be the same to us all Indians, the “Financial Capital of India”, a city in India where all Indians go to with a lot of dreams and ambitions. Many of them go to Mumbai so that they can earn their daily bread and save some money and send it back home to their parents and family. Every person who dreams of being a actor/actress or a businessman in India will try or start his journey to fulfill his dreams from Mumbai. It became a metro city when a group of Islands were joined together. The Ship Port, AirPort, Railway Station in Mumbai can be called as one of the busiest in India as there are lakhs of people entering Mumbai through these transport means and not to forget the Bus Station also. I am sure you all are wondering why am i speaking about Mumbai in such a way, and you all must have also guessed why? Yes it is, cos of the current ongoing debate or can be called as a Dictatorship of the Shiv Sena and MNS (Maharastra Nirman Sena) who say that Mumbai belongs to Marathi Manas or Maharastrians.

Have been watching the drama unfold from a long time but was just waiting for the right time to express my opinions on it. There are very less people who have been courageous to speak out against such acts by the Shiva Sena or MNS, and i am talking about people who stay in Mumbai and talk against the acts by these two political parties. People like SRK, Rahul Gandhi, Aamir Khan, Mukesh Ambani and a couple of other people also, but these are the few names that are making the rounds on “Saamna” a paper published by Shiv Sena. They have also threatned these people that if they do not apologise for what they have said then they will take strict actions against them and also make sure that they will not allow their movies to be released in Mumbai. They have also threatened Rahul Gandhi that they will not allow him to enter Mumbai Tomorrow (5th February) when he comes to the city for a personal visit, Shiv Sena has decided to lead the Black Flag Protest march against Rahul Gandhi. As i have stated earlier in the blog Mumbai is a integral part of India and will always be.

Rahul Gandhi is being criticised by the Thackeray’s for saying that when Mumbai was on attack it was the North Indians who protected Mumbai, but i disagree with this statement, i will say that is was Non-Marathi on a larger percentage who helped protect the city. Uddhav Thackeray states that by giving such an statement Rahul Gandhi has insulted the Martyrs of 26/11. Now i wanna ask the Thackeray’s that by saying that Mumbai only belongs to Marathi Manas aren’t you insulting the Freedom Fighters who fought for the Independence of India on a whole and not only for Mumbai.  Freedom Fighters like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Vishnu Gadgil, Vinobha Bhave, Damodar Savarkar, Senapati Bapat who fought as one with people from all over India and fought for an Independent India not for Mumbai or Maharastra alone. Aren’t You Insulting them? Also the houses you live in how much of a guarantee do you have that it was only built by Marathi Manas, i am sure there must have atleast two people who were not from Maharastra involved in building your houses.  The Rice, Vegetables, Fruits, and other things that you consume, eat or drink how much of it is being grown or sold by Marathi Manas.

Now lets go to the jobs that are held by Marathi Manas in companies like Tata, Reliance, Birlas and many other Non Maharastrian enterpreneurs who have their businesses set up in Maharastra and who employ Maharastrians. If u dare then ask these people to quit the jobs and work for someone who is a Maharastrian, and also ask all the Maharastrians in other parts of India to quit their jobs and come back to Maharastra and start working there and then ask the Non- Marathis in Maharastra to leave Maharastra and go? Can you Do this? If not then just shut your mouth and Be an Indian first and then be a Maharastrian and then a Mumbaikar.

Written by a Proud Indian……. And i hope to see all the Indians backing me and others who stand strong against these so called Patriots of Shiv Sena and MNS…..