Yes, you are seeing it right, i am gonna write about the Sports in India and its state now!!!! When we say Sports in India, the only sport that comes in to mind is Cricket, and no Cricket is not our national game. However cricket is the favorite game of almost every Indian, even before he learns to walk or run properly. Cricket was popularised in India by the British Soldiers and there were very few Indians who used to play the game in the olden days as it was a very costly game. Only people who were in the British Army or in the Govt. or Royal Families used to play the game. However Cricket got more popularised in India after the 1983 World Cup Victory by Kapil Dev & Team. Lets not talk more about Cricket as i feel it has not lost its charm.

Sports like Hockey, Kabbadi, Volleyball, BasketBall, Football, Tennis, Shooting, Archery, boxing and other games are in a poor state due to financial problems. We have won numerous olympic medals in Hockey, and it is our national game, there was a time when there was atleast one person from every family in India who wanted to be a hockey player, however now every person in every alternate Indian family wants to be a Cricketer. Hockey has had its own ups and downs in the recent years of Indian Hockey History. Recently India was gonna put up its second rung team for Hockey world cup to be organised in India and the reason being the senior players went on strike as they were not being paid by Hockey Federation of India. The answer coming from the authorities was that the Indian Federation was bankrupt they did not have a single pie to pay the hockey players. It was resolved by the IOA head coming in between and paying the Hockey players their dues and in such a way the turmoil came to a halt, but after a week it again started with women hockey team going on strike for the same reason and at both times many Industries and State Govts. came ahead to pay the dues that need to be paid to the players.

Also recently there was a turmoil in between the Indian Shooting Academy or Federation (i am not sure what it is called) and Abhinav Bindra the olympic medalist for Shooting in the last olympics was ill treated by the association, Abhinav had asked the association to give him an exception from the trials and that his selection should be based on his performances in the various tournaments, however the association felt its ego was being hurt and said no to his request and did not select him in the team, just after some weeks Abhinav won a medal again in a tournament and proved that the decision taken by the association was wrong. The politics being played by various associations has hurt not alone the players talents but also the country on a whole as the individuals are not being able to showcase their talents in the international arena due to which our country is lacking behind on the medals tally. If the associations start searching for genuine talent and stop selecting people based on how much money they get from that candidate or who has the most referral letters then i am sure all the sports in India will start recovering. And this is not it, we Indians need to encourage all the sports being played in India and if possible corporates can donate some amount every month to the IOA which can then distribute the money with full transparency to various associations in need of money then i am sure we will be in track of recovery, also i hope BCCI also thinks of keeping some amount separately for other sports would also be of great help.

If such things are put into use i am sure that the day is not far when we will start winning Gold Medals for the sport that was invented in India “Kabbadi” and our National Sport “Hockey”. All The best to All Sports Persons of India.