This May be a very old Story, but am posting it again so that we Indians be proud of what we are and what we have amongst us. An Indian boy in his 12th standard has disproved Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity”. Shocked? Read on…

Sudarshan Reddy has theoretically proven the existence of a subatomic particle, which can travel at speed greater than that of light, thereby challenging one of the fundamental postulates of the “Theory of Relativity”. In his recent research paper submitted to the Institute of Advanced Physics (IAP) at Trieste (Italy), Sudarshan has proved the existence of a class of subatomic particles called “leptons”,which can travel faster than light.

The international physics community is shocked by this discovery. Dr.Massimo Martelli, President of the IAP has this to say about the paper submitted by Sudarshan. “After long, careful and critical analysis, I can confidently say that Sudarshan’s re search papers show tremendous leap in our understanding of physics. His investigation mounts up on “leptons”. His work builds substantially on the work of Einstein and others in the field of relativity.”

When physicists from Princeton University tried to measure Sudarshan’s IQ with an IQmeter (at the American Embassy in Delhi),the meter broke down.  Sudarshan, incidentally, is the brother of Madhu Reddy, the Indian whiz kid who developed an operating system superior to Microsoft Windows.

We should all be very proud of these boys.