Yesterday i was sitting bored at home, bored of watching TV, i started searching for something to read, and i just saw the business line paper that my father gets daily. I saw something that hit my eye, a small sub headline at one side which read “An executive is Angry with The Government”. Now Seeing at the headline you may think he is angry on her due to the inflation or may be for the slow development of delhi or may be due to some other reason regarding business or tax. However when i started reading it, i was shocked at the content of the news. The news was something like this:

The executive was unhappy about the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan under which every child has the right to education, due to which all the poor people were sending their children to the schools, and by sending the children to schools the executive was asking a question about “Now who will work at our house if poor people started sending their children to schools for education?”

As soon as i read this sentence i started thinking how selfish and how stone hearted this person was being a rich person he thought that the poor people were only there to do his house hold work and to work as slaves for him. It is because of such people only that the poor people are becoming more poor. I am not saying all Rich people are like this, however majority of them are like this. How fair is it to think that cos you will not have anyone at your house to do your household work, that the poor people should not send their children to school. Do not poor children deserve the right to education? Do not poor people deserve the right to live in a better way? Do not poor parents deserve the right to dream about their child having a good job and earning enough money to take care of their problems and the whole family?

I request with each and every person in India to not look at poor people in such a way as if they are the shoes that you wear and you can use them as you want and when you do not want just throw them into a corner of the house. Treat them atleast with some respect if not the same as your friends, as even poor people are human beings. Yes but people please do not take this post in a way where you need to encourage beggars by giving them money. First see if that person is fit enough to work, if he is then you better not give him any money cos if you do then it would mean you are encouraging him to beg and earn money in a easier way where he will not have to work at all.

These days the governments are coming up with schemes to encourage the poor people who cannot afford to put up a business or a small petty shop by giving loans through NGO’s, there are also NGO’s which provide you with loans to buy an auto and help you earn your daily bread and many more schemes like this. Its just time that people of India woke up and looked forward in helping such people rather than insulting or humiliating them. All these people need is support and encouragement. Once they get it they start working hard and also help in the improvement of the country’s GDP.