Hi All.. My Name is Shashank Pai, 25 years of age born and brought up in Mangalore.. Am not much into writing, but thought i would express my views here by blogging, so you would see some writeups here and there may be once or twice in a month depending on current affairs, my passion that is travelling or biking and last but not the least Sports. Have a passion for music, remix some songs whenever i feel bored, dance to any music given except for classical since i am not trained.. Love my family and Friends.. Usually Freak out with friends at beahces or hangout places in Mangalore.. When at home i freak out on the internet at orkut or on facebook or just googling around for things or articles that interest me.. Thats all about me, Wanna know more be my friend or ask my friends…  Am a fanatic on Indian Sports and recently have joined as an author on one of the leading sports blog http://www.sportskeeda.com!!!!! Do encourage Indian Sports!!!!!