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Been more than a year since i have been missing in action from my blog, but certain comments by well known people who themselves are the ones in the post where in they need to think on welfare of the women and on how to reduce the crime rate in the city went on to state that the women were being raped due to the clothes that they wear. I first started thinking, have they gone mad, if yes the NIMHANS(Bangalore) is not too far from the place where they made these comments, and the doctors there will make sure they get the right treatment. Some people have just gone berserk and make such comments just to gain publicity.

The comment was requesting women and teenage girls to dress with dignity, the question is waht do they mean when they ask them to dress with dignity. If they are requesting the gals to wear salwar kameez and saree, my question to them would be, havent there been attacks on women who were wearing the above mentioned dresses, and the next question would be why are there attacks on women in the rural areas where the women or teenage gals do not wear skimpy clothes. Not only in this 20th century, but there have been attacks on women from a long time, when indian women did not even know about short skirts or skimpy clothes. The best example for this would be the life story of Bandit Queen,  Phoolan Devi, and also a lady in the village who was attacked by 5 men. Why only women, there has been attacks on school going girls, does that mean the school uniforms are inappropriate clothes, or for that matter Jeans & t-shirt which covers the body of a woman appropriately.In the recent times, there has been news and of people hearing that a young girl is attacked by her own relatives or for that matter her own father, what does this imply to? A lot of questions in my mind, but i would like to stop them here and conclude.

I do not think its the dressing sense of a woman or a teenage girl that invites the attack on them from the men, but its the thinking of the men who attack them and the thinking of a normal man that we need to change. Once we change ourselves i believe the attacks on women will reduce and eventually stop.

This post has been lying in my drafts for almost a week now, waiting for the accustations (false ones) to stop and the revelations to be brought into light.

22/05/2010. This date does not need any explanation to the people of the world who have been following the news for the last week and a half. The Air India Express Flight IX-812 Dubai to Mangalore crashed at the time of landing and 158 passengers were burned to death. It is a sad moment in the history of mangalore as this is a very bad accident in the history of Indian aviation industry in the last decade. Usually planes have a safe landing at mangalore all the time that they land, however that day it was not to be so. It was fate that brought this 158 passengers who got together on this flight for their final journey to mangalore, these people were almost unknown to each other except for the family members travelling together, yet god tied their fate with each other at the time of their death.

It was really good to see all the locals working hand in hand with the Fire Department during the rescue operations, however none could be rescued who were trapped in the fire. The 8 people who survived were lucky enough for their miraculous escape from the crashed plane. People who rushed to the spot of the crash found them and then rushed them to the nearby hospitals for treatment. Then when the same people wanted to help the people trapped in the air plane which was burning, could not even go near the plane due to the heavy flames which would have been riskier for the rescuers also. The whole rescue operation took almost 12 to 14 hrs, which rather than a rescue operation was just merely recovering of the bodies inside the charred remains of the plane. It was heart burning to see the charred remains of the passengers being taken out of the remains of the plane. We have to appreciate the locals who helped the rescue team to recover all the dead bodies from the remains.

By the time the Fire Ambulance and other vehicles came to the crash spot it was already late, however at such point of a time even they cannot be blamed, as they were not able to reach the spot as there was no proper available road for the same and also the fuel in the plane would have caused the fire and the fire had engulfed the whole plane in just 2 to 3 minutes after the plane landed. It was again because of the locals help that the fire ambulance was taken as near as possible to the crash site.


As soon as the news of the crash started being shown on the news channels a lot of local and national leaders came to the spot and helped in any way they could. However there were some at this point of time who used it again for politics and some for vote bank. This has become a usual scene for us Indians now that these leaders use such incidents for their own gains. Some people went to the extent of saying that the Mangalore Airport was not safe without even checking the facts that the same runway had been used for 32000 safe landings and had been in use from 2006 according to the various sources in the media. There was one survivor who went to the extent of saying that there were potholes on the runway. I just started laughing at his statement and one of my friend who was watching the news with me said “I think this guy’s head has been hit and he needs to be admitted to the mental hospital.”

The Mangalore runway has been built according to the rules and regulations of the international aviation guidelines. There are more worse runways in the world and also in India, if you check the Lakshadweep airport the runway is located in the middle of the sea and the Gibraltar Airport which has a highway in the middle of the runway and the airport is located amidst the residential area.There are many such examples were airports are amidst a very dangerous location and anything can happen at any given time. Also to people who said that the airport runway is too small for the planes like IX-812 to land, were not these people the same who opposed the extension of the runway by not allowing the authorities to acquire more land for the runway and for the airport. “If you did not allow it then, what right do you have now to speak about the same?” would be my question to such people.

The Truth As it is being Shown now on The Media:

As soon as the plane crashed and when the news channels started revealing what happened , it was almost giving a small window of opportunity for revealing what had happened. The plane was not coming at a angle that was right for landing as well as not the right speed for the landing as usual. So it almost seemed as if the crash was the result of a pilot error. However at that time the investigators were not sure of that, but were also not denying it. The reports were that the Pilot had overshot the landing point of 1000 ft by 2000 ft approximately which left just another 5000 ft for him to land safely, however the angle of the landing and the speed might not have allowed him to stop the plane and it fell into the ditch at the end of the runway.

Just 3 or 4 days back it was confirmed by the recordings from the Cockpit Voice Recorder/CVR that the pilot had not heeded the advice of the co-pilot of not landing on the Mangalore Airport Runway. The Pilot and Co-Pilot had over 10000 hrs of flying experience between them. The Pilot had landed on the same strip of the Mangalore Airport 19 times before that day and the co-pilot who was based in Mangalore and had landed on the same strip atleast 66 times before that. Now the reason why the Pilot did not listen to the advice of the co-pilot of not to land and to go around once again and then try to land is yet to be revealed. Which will be revealed only once the Black box starts revealing all the details of the flight on that day.

Now Back to Ground Zero and there are a lot of politics being played about who was the first person on the scene, and who was the first one to inform the authorities, it shows as if the people who were involved in the rescue operations were involved in it for recognition and awards. It seems so sad to see them fighting for the cash award and teh recognition behind it. Also there were some people involved in stealing the belongings of the victims, like the jewelleries from the dead bodies and also from the debris of the plane crash. Why is it that such people do not understand what the families have lost cannot be replaced, but atleast if they could claim the belongings of their loved ones, they could keep it with them for remembrance.

My only request to people is please do not play any politics on this matter, Politicians please get together and develop the Mangalore airport and do the needful so that such incidents do not happen again