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Been more than a year since i have been missing in action from my blog, but certain comments by well known people who themselves are the ones in the post where in they need to think on welfare of the women and on how to reduce the crime rate in the city went on to state that the women were being raped due to the clothes that they wear. I first started thinking, have they gone mad, if yes the NIMHANS(Bangalore) is not too far from the place where they made these comments, and the doctors there will make sure they get the right treatment. Some people have just gone berserk and make such comments just to gain publicity.

The comment was requesting women and teenage girls to dress with dignity, the question is waht do they mean when they ask them to dress with dignity. If they are requesting the gals to wear salwar kameez and saree, my question to them would be, havent there been attacks on women who were wearing the above mentioned dresses, and the next question would be why are there attacks on women in the rural areas where the women or teenage gals do not wear skimpy clothes. Not only in this 20th century, but there have been attacks on women from a long time, when indian women did not even know about short skirts or skimpy clothes. The best example for this would be the life story of Bandit Queen,  Phoolan Devi, and also a lady in the village who was attacked by 5 men. Why only women, there has been attacks on school going girls, does that mean the school uniforms are inappropriate clothes, or for that matter Jeans & t-shirt which covers the body of a woman appropriately.In the recent times, there has been news and of people hearing that a young girl is attacked by her own relatives or for that matter her own father, what does this imply to? A lot of questions in my mind, but i would like to stop them here and conclude.

I do not think its the dressing sense of a woman or a teenage girl that invites the attack on them from the men, but its the thinking of the men who attack them and the thinking of a normal man that we need to change. Once we change ourselves i believe the attacks on women will reduce and eventually stop.

Politics these days has become like a game for the politicians, they just play around people’s votes as if they are playing some cricket match or football and just throw the ball around. Recently we in Karnataka have seen the “Gowdagiri” by our Former Prime Minister H.D.Devegowda…. Everybody knows the story so i wont elaborate on it, on the only thing that happened was the JD(s) ditching the Congress first, then the BJP and then the BJP again after the re-marriage as termed by the political experts.. However what i didnt understand was “With what rights did H.D.Kumaraswamy ask teh credibility of Yeshwant Sinha Interering in the matter?” My only answer to H.D.Kumaraswamy would be “With the same rights as your Father” When the JD(s) – BJP coalition was formed Mr. Kumaraswamy did not want anything to do with his father and Mr. Devegowda was against his son, and the pact was agreed upon by Mr. Kumaraswamy and Mr. Yediyurappa, so when the time of power transfer came why did Kumaraswamy go to Devegowda for opinion?

     The simple answer being “Hungry for Power” or may be he was scared that everything that was done wrong by his party MLA’s would come forward in case BJP came to Power or may be he got scared seeing the popularity of Mr.Yediyurappa, since he was running a people pro government, not that it was enough, but atleast it helped some people..

    Kumaraswamy keeps saying that it was because of him Mr.Yediyurappa became the DCM, but dude did u forget if it was not for BJP’s support you would not have been the CM in first place so where did DCM post come from!!! Man these politicians cant get their logic right anytime.. Now its time for Elections and i only hope that all the voters come out and vote for the the best person who works for the people, and hope a single party gets a majority.. Cheers To All You Voters Of Karnataka!!!!!!!